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A Nice Young Man

A Nice Young Man

An old lady opens her window and Looks out of it. The sun shines brightly. There is a young man in the garden in front of her house. The old lady looks at him and says, “He is cutting grass for me!”

She goes out into the garden and says to the young man, “Why are you cutting grass for me, young man?”

The young man says, “Today’s my holiday. You are old and live alone. I want to do something for you.”

“It’s so kind of you, my boy,” says the old lady. “Come into my house and have a cup of tea.”

“OK ” answers the young man, “but I must finish the work first.” When the old lady goes out into the garden an hour later, the young man is not there. The garden looks clean and tidy.

“What a nice young man!” says the old lady.

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